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Conference room for rent

Rhino Hotel Annex Fuji Building 7th Floor

1 minute walk from "West ticket gate" of Hankyu Saiin Station.3 minutes walk from Randen Saiin station.
Located in an easily accessible place, various seminars, briefings, web conferences, concerts, choruses, etc.
It can be used for a wide range of purposes, from business to hobbies and entertainment.

The following three types of meeting rooms are available.
 Rhino Hall(90㎡ Capacity 52 people)
 -Room A(29㎡ Capacity 12 people)
 -B room(17㎡ Capacity 10 people)

*Corona measures are being implemented in this building.
  • List of meeting room types

    If you are thinking of using it, you can check the details such as the conference room type, price, reservation procedure, etc. from the "Saiin Fuji Building Rental Conference Room HP" linked below.If you have any questions, please use the "Inquiry Form" linked below.