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Excellent floor

  • ■Excellent floor(4th floor: Smoking floor, 5th to 7th floor: Non smoking floor)

    【Floor concept】

    Please enjoy the following carefully selected furniture and appliances in a calm and chic atmosphere based on gray.
    We have installed.

    Relax and relax in the space that is ideal for traveling in Kyoto or for business.
  • NIHON BED MANUFACTURING.CO.,LTD Beads pocket mattress

    NIHON BED MANUFACTURING.CO.,LTD Beads pocket mattress is supple and has a firm posture holding power.
    Independent coil springs support the body with reasonable hardness and provide a good sleep.

    (Some of the rooms, Room 7, Room 8, 15 rooms have a further upscale quality
    We prepare a Silky Pocket Mattress made by Nihon Bed MFG Co., Ltd..)
    Humidification air cleaner KI-BX50

    With the W power of high concentration plasma cluster 25000 spreading in the room and "filter purification" which sucks in and collects with a high-performance filter, the dirty air in the room can be cleared more reliably and more reliably.

    ※In the smoking room on the 4th floor, two more desktop air purifiers are installed, making it even more powerful!
  • Dometic
    miniBar for guest rooms miniBar

    Compact body with 2 bottle racks, realizing large capacity while compact.
    It is possible to provide a comfortable guest room space that protects the silence of hotel rooms and does not hinder the guests' sleeping.
  • Baron chair

    Another feature that enhances the comfort of the “Baron” series of comfort, “natural sitting comfort and operation”, is the comfortable reclining. The original reclining mechanism with the ankle as a fulcrum naturally follows the movement of the worker's tilting accompanying PC operation.Ease of use is also taken into consideration in terms of operability.
  • BOSE speaker

    You can enjoy high-quality music reproduction and premium sound with delicate and strong presence.
    Connect with your MP3 player, iPhone, smartphone, and tablet, and enjoy quality sound in the room with BGM.

    (※Cables for connection are rented at the front desk.)