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  2. About infectious disease measures

About infectious disease measures

  • [front desk]Non-contact automatic thermometer and alcohol hand sanitizer installed
  • [Common areas]SHARP's latest high-performance plasma clusters are installed in two corridors on each floor.

    It emits high-concentration plasma clusters and can inactivate viruses floating in the air, and is effective for droplet infections that cannot be dealt with by alcohol or detergents.
  • [Elevator]Set foot sign to secure social distance
  • [front desk] (3) At the time of check-in, a sign at the foot is installed to avoid crowding and to guide temperature measurement and hand disinfection.
  • [Disinfection] Frequent wipe disinfection of equipment that customers frequently touch
  • [ventilation] Install a CO2 concentration measuring device in the air and thoroughly ventilate to 1000ppm or less.
  • [ventilation]Thorough ventilation by regularly opening and closing the windows and doors inside the facility
  • [Common areas]Alcohol hand sanitizers are deployed at various locations within the facility

  • Rhino Hotel Kyoto, in consideration of the health of our customers and employees, we are working to ensure that our customers can stay with peace of mind as follows.We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

    【Hotel initiatives】

    1) 3 dense avoidance
      ·In order to secure social distance, a foot sign is installed in the elevator and lobby of the facility
      ·Splash prevention curtain installed at the front desk

    2) Thorough ventilation
      ·Frequent ventilation of front desk, back office, and common areas
      ·24-hour ventilation in the guest room corridor
      ·front desk,Back office,Restaurant,Installation of an air CO2 concentration measuring device for fitness
      ·Humidified air purifiers installed in all guest rooms
       (Plasmacluster ion generation specification product that suppresses the action of floating and attached viruses)
      ·Ventilation when cleaning each guest room  

    3) Prevention of spread of infection
      ·Non-contact automatic thermometer and hand sanitizer installed at the front desk
      ·High-performance air purifiers installed in two corridors on each floor
      ·Disinfection of door knobs and elevator buttons in common spaces
      ·Cabin switch,door knob,Remote controller,Tel,Desk disinfection
      ·Frequent disinfection around the front desk and back office
      ·Alcoholic disinfectant solution is deployed in various places in this facility, such as corridors on each floor and shared toilet entrance
      ·Stop using air towels installed in shared toilets

    4) Employee physical condition management
      ·Management of temperature and records at work
      ·Mandatory wearing of mask
      ·Frequent hand sterilization and hand washing gargling

    【Requests to guests】
    ·If you experience fever or coughing or are not feeling well or feeling during your stay, please ask the front desk staff.
    ·Thank you for your cooperation in temperature measurement and hand disinfection at check-in.
    ·Please wear a mask in this facility.