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Breakfast Included Plan

  • Japanese-style buffet, Breakfast Included Plan

    The start of the day is from a delicious Japanese-style buffet☆
    For breakfast, we have a Japanese-style buffet at the second floor restaurant "La Vent".
    (※Business hours are from 7:00 to 10:00, but there are cases from 8:00 due to group entrance such as school trip.)

    Japanese-style buffet example
    (There are cases when the menu changes slightly depending on the season and arrival status. )

    Western Food
    ·Scrambled eggs
    ·Bread(Croissant butter roll milk bread, Plain bread)
    ·drink(Coffee, Black tea, milk, Orange · Tomato juice)
    ·fruits (Change according to the season)

    Japanese Food
    ·grilled fish
    ·Dashi roll
    ·Miso soup
    ·Pickled Vegetables
    ·Various side dishes (Change according to the season)
    ·Seasoned seaweed

    Happy Kyoto trip starts with delicious breakfast☆
    We recommend traveling after having been eaten by La Vent.