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Ladies Plan

  • plan with ladies'amenities

    plan with "amenities only for female guests" selected by female staff one by one.
    We have a lineup of items that will reset your tiredness of the day.
    (※The amenities in the photo are not for one night.)


    ◎ Bath salt
    Bus fragrance maker "Sweets maison"
    You can also enjoy the colorful macaron-shaped bath bombs with your eyes.

    ◎ Herbal Relax Sheet
    On the soles of your feet tired from walking for a day, on your shoulders tired with heavy luggage
    A sheet that can be attached wherever you want to relieve fatigue.

    ◎ Snow skin spirit
    A skin lotion that gives a smooth feel to a refined scented soap.
    The rich, non-greasy milky lotion moisturizes the skin.

    ◎ Cotton set
    A set of versatile cotton and rubber that can tie hair.

    ※This plan is limited to women.
    There is no offer for male guests.