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Floor Concept

Welcome to the private room for executives who can also see the fire in the capital

  • The top floor of the hotel with a panoramic view of the natural scenery of the mountains of Higashiyama, Kitayama, and Nishiyama that surround the city of Kyoto.What is there is a private room for executives who shine their senses and shine their lives active.The quality interior that was based on white and black awakens a pure feeling as if it were in his own study.

    ■Profile of Architect Naoki Akagi
    1954 Born in Okayama Prefecture
    1979 Kyoto University Undergraduate School of Architecture from Kyoto University Undergraduate School of Architecture
    1982 Akagi Architects / First-class Architect Office Akagi Architectural Institute of Akagi Architectural Institute opened

Moonlight small diameter and "WA" !? design

  • -Welcome to the city of Japanese ("WA" !?)-

    There is a big circle in the elevator hall on the guest room floor on the top floor.This work was created by Mr. Daiko Matsuyama, a deputy chief priest of Taizo-in Temple at Myoshinji Temple, one of the leading modern Zen priests in Kyoto.

    The message that Mr. Matsuyama put in this circle"PEACE IS THE BEST"
    It means that Shotoku Taishi has sought to be the basic idea of the nation.Originally, the Zen encyclopedia is a symbol of enlightenment and truth, but its interpretation is left to the viewer.It is "WA" !? which is both an "answer" and a "question".

    In "Tsurezuregusa," the ancient Kenko Yoshida saw "Impermanence" in the beautiful circle of the night sky, saying, "What is the madness of Mochizuki?"Please feel "WA" !? in the small diameter of the moonlight (Komichi) where this big circle is greeted.
    We always ask and answer what is best for our customers.This circle is also a symbol of the hospitality of Rhino Hotel Kyoto.


Is the guest room an art museum ?!

  • An intimate private room where the work of Atsuo Sakatsume Atsuo, a copperplate painter representing contemporary Japan, speaks quietly.The gradation of light produced by Maniere Noir (black handmade) by Sakatsume Atsuo, who is described as "sharpening light and form from the darkness of the velvet", gives a quiet message to the awakening modern people.

    ■Atsuo Sakazume Profile
    Born in Gunma prefecture in 1941.
    Graduated from the Faculty of Engineering, Kyoto University in 1965.
    Received the Japan Print Association Association Friendship Award in 1973
    1974 Nichido Print Grand Prix Exhibition Grand Prix,Received the Jury Prize at the New Hampshire International Graphic Exhibition
    Purchased at the Barna International Print Biennale in 1977 and 1983, and exhibited at the Lubriana International Print Exhibition, the Krakowa International Print Triennale, and the Osaka Triennale.

    Mr. Sakazume's copperplate prints use a special and technically difficult technique among copperplate prints called mezzotint, and are recognized worldwide as the leading work incorporating the mezzotint technique.The works are stored not only in Japan but also in the British Museum in the United Kingdom, the Portland Art Museum in the United States, and other museums around the world.

Safari Land-Time Attributes(Room 907)

Safari Land-Dream(Room 908)

Room 905(Executive 9 Terrace Twin)

Room 915(Executive 9 King Double)


With the theme of Kacho Fugetsu, with praise to the natural world

  • Japanese traditional culture must be in Japanese paper.Among Japanese paper, the climate of Japan and the sensibility of craftsmen are breathing.
    Washi, which feels soft and breathing like human skin, allows light to pass through, giving it a richer and softer presence, and creating a relaxing time in the hospitality space. ..

    ■Lighting Designer Nakako Murakami Profile
    Tsuki Akari Design Laboratory President
    Kyoto University of Art and Design Part-time teacher

    1976 Born in Kanagawa Prefecture
    2000 Graduated from Kyoto Seika University Faculty of Art, Textile Kyoto Seika University Faculty of Art
    2008 Tsuki Akari Design Laboratory Opening Tsuki Akari Design Laboratory

    After realizing that the atmosphere of a space can be completely changed by a single production of light, since 2001, we have been performing space production and object production using lights, with the theme of "creating a comfortable space".
    2008 Opened “Tsuki Akari Design Laboratory” in Ajiki Roji Alley, Kyoto Higashiyama.
    We are engaged in custom lighting using various materials, and we are focusing on lighting using Japanese paper with original design woodblock printing.
  • Corridor ceiling lighting"Hagi Aqua Metropolis Maru Sankaku Shikaku"

    Kyoto has good quality spring water called local water in every place.The tea ceremony like Kyoto, food culture, traditional crafts have developed together with water.
    I thought of Kyoto who developed my own culture while incorporating new things, and in autumn I expressed the image of Hagi and pure water that makes pretty flowers bloom.
    Manyou is said that in the era of Manyou, correspondence was made by tying a sentence to the twigs of Hagi's flowers.
    Flower language is a flexible spirit, thought, thought, positive love.Hagi which stretches out branches supple and elegantly sways in the wind, will give healing and comfort to this space of Kyoto Saiin during the trip.

    Woodblock print Japanese paper lamp shade
    material:Fukui Echizen Washi (ball paper), whitewash, mica, ink, water-dried paint, glue, Funori, LED
  • Room 908
  • Room 915

Equipment passion

Please spend the best time in the selected equipment.

  • Nihon Bed MFG Co., Ltd. Silky Pocket Mattress

    An ultra-high density structure that incorporates 1200 pieces (single size) of pocket coils with independent springs, which is about twice the size of conventional pocket coil mattresses (compared to the manufacturer). "Silky Pocket Mattress"It is particularly superior in physical maintenance ability.This ultra-high density structure is the world's first mattress unique to Nihon Bed MFG Co., Ltd..You can support your body with a silky feel and experience a comfortable sleep.
  • Mesh chair Baron in collaboration with Giugiaro Design and Okamura Co., Ltd.

    Another feature that enhances the sitting comfort of the "Baron" series, which is symbolized by "natural sitting comfort and operability", is comfortable reclining.The unique reclining mechanism with the ankle as the fulcrum naturally follows the backward movement of the worker due to PC work.Ease of use is also taken into consideration in terms of operability.
  • SHARP 4K smart TV

    Equipped with "4K-Master Up-Convert Pro" that determines the resolution and video level and performs optimal high-definition processing.Digital terrestrial broadcasting and Blu-ray images achieve high image quality with little noise while restoring the sense of detail.If it is originally determined to be a high resolution 4K video, the original image is faithfully reproduced.Express the depth and three-dimensional effect of high-resolution content.

    In addition, the application of the video distribution service is built-in, and you can enjoy Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Prime Video, etc. from your account.
    (※Usage Notes-Before checking out, you must always log out of your application's account.The hotel is not responsible for any damage caused by not logging out by yourself.)
  • Mitsubishi Electric Engineering Co., Ltd. Refrigerator

    It uses a semiconductor-based electronic cooling system, the Pelche cooling system. "Grand Perche"Since there is no compressor-type drive sound, you can spend a good night's sleep without being disturbed.In addition, it is an eco-friendly model that does not use CFCs as a refrigerant.
  • SHARP humidified air purifier

    The high-concentration Plasmacluster 25000 that fills the room and the W power of "filter purification" that sucks in and collects dust with a high-performance filter inactivates viruses floating in the air and makes the dirty air in the room faster and faster. You can definitely clean it.Plasmacluster ions are also effective for droplet infections that cannot be dealt with by alcohol or detergents.
  • BOSE speaker

    A speaker from BOSE of the United States, which has a good reputation for high sound quality.The company's speakers are installed on the ceilings of all guest rooms, so you can enjoy premium sound with a strong presence in your room.
    Connect to your smartphone or tablet and enjoy high quality sound in BGM.

    ※Cables for connection are rented at the front desk. (Deposit system)