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Floor Concept

Enjoy the modern design of Kyoto with a moment of peace and hospitality.

  • Speaking of the Koto / Kyoto, there are many people who envision a culture like a luxurious Makie-style like a modest fabric.But the beauty of the townscape in Kyoto is functional, it is only in the space suitable for calling modern.
    For example, it reflects the light leaking from the 1,000 Senbon-Goushi, lattice of evenly spaced vertical timber bars regularly arranged townscapes, shadows of joiners and pillars stuck with light rhythm.The skeleton of Kyoto, which also leads to contemporary modern design, is extremely reasonable and unique space beauty.
    Modern = beyond modernity, universal = universal, world-class Japanese, in the hospitality of Kyoto design.

    ■Profile Miki Murakawa, architect
    First-class architect
    Kyoto University of Art and Design Part-time teacher
    Kyoto Prefecture Architect Association's member

    1975 Born in Yamaguchi Prefecture
    1977 Kyoto Institute of Technology Faculty of Engineering Design Department of Design and Architecture from Kyoto Institute of Technology Faculty of Engineering Design Department of Design and Architecture
    1977-2000 Tokuichi Yoshimura + Institute for Architecture & Environment
    2001 to 2011 Waro Kishi + K.ASSOCIATES / Architects
    2012 Miki Murakawa Architects established


Is the guest room an art museum ?!

  • All rooms on the executive floor are decorated with prints by artists based in Kyoto.Joel Karhu, a writer of guest room paintings on the 8th floor, was born in Japan, the son of Klifton Karhu, an American print artist who loved Japan.
    The materials for Mr. Calf's woodblock prints are pigments and bright dyes made in Kyoto on handmade Japanese paper from Fukui prefecture.Furthermore, because it uses the traditional technique of ukiyo-e, it makes you feel nostalgic.The paintings on the 8th floor are selected mainly from works that depict familiar cityscapes such as Gion .Feel the warmth of hand-printed works that will heal the tiredness of your trip.

    ■Joe Calf Profile
    Born in Gifu City in 1961
    Traveled to the United States in middle school
    Returned to Japan in 1979 as a disciple of his father Clifton Karhu
    Learn the techniques, carving and printing of creative woodblock prints for 18 years
    1997 Retired from Calf Studio after marriage
    2007 After the death of his father, Clifton Karhu, he returned to Kyoto and took over the business of Calf Studio.
    2017 Started making prints between work at Calf Studio
    2019 First solo exhibition at Tollman Collection, Minato-ku, Tokyo
    Selected for the 2020 CWAJ Contemporary Print Exhibition

Room 806(Executive 8 Twin Room)

Room 807(Executive 8 Superior Twin)

Room 808(Executive 8 Large Twin)

Room 809(Executive 8 Suite)


With the theme of Kacho Fugetsu, with praise to the natural world

  • Japanese traditional culture must be in Japanese paper.Among Japanese paper, the climate of Japan and the sensibility of craftsmen are breathing.
    Washi paper which is moist like a human skin and makes it feel breathing will make light pass through and will produce a more affluent time in the hospitable space wearing a rich and soft impression on its presence .

    ■Lighting artist Ms. Nakako Murakami Profile
    Lighting Designer
    Tsuki Akari Design Laboratory, President
    Kyoto University of Art and Design Part-time teacher

    1976 Born in Kanagawa Prefecture
    2000 Graduated from Kyoto Seika University Faculty of Art, Textile Kyoto Seika University Faculty of Art
    2008 Tsuki Akari Design Laboratory Opening Tsuki Akari Design Laboratory

    Since I noticed that the atmosphere of the space changes completely with just one light production, I have been producing space production and objects using lights since 2001 with the theme of "creating a comfortable space".
    2008 Opened “Tsuki Akari Design Laboratory” in Ajiki Roji Alley, Kyoto Higashiyama. He has worked on order lighting using various materials, and in recent years has been focusing on lighting using Japanese paper with original design woodblock printing.

Hagidori(Room 812 King Double Room)

MONKATA(Room 808 Large Twin)

  • The material of the wall lighting work in Room 808 is Nishijin-ori, Mongami, which is representative of Kyoto textiles.
    Crest paper is a punch card used in jacquard looms.The weaving machine is controlled by the position of the hole, and complex symbols are woven, but usually one thousand sheets of crest paper are used in one belt.In the case of more precise and precise designs it is not uncommon to have tens of thousands of graphics.
    There are many itineraries that can be daunting to complete a piece of textile, all of which require skilled craftsmanship.However, as digitization has progressed in all fields, looms using crest paper have become extremely rare.
    I came across this paper pattern at the edge.I felt the light coming out through a slightly changing hole very comfortable while keeping order rhythmically when I held it over my hand.The crest itself becomes a gentle shadow and snuggles closer to the light, spreading the space deeper and deeper.I was so excited to touch the heart of the work that was brought up in Nishijin, and it developed into such a lighting setting.
    I would be very happy if the materials that have accumulated the climate and history of this area can provide a peaceful space for the evening of the trip.

    ·material:Kyoto Nishijin-ori, Mon, Forming paper(Jacquard weave),Torinoko Japanese paper,LED
    ·Coat crest paper cooperation:Ltd. Mon Kawakami  Kawakami Tadayoshi,Kyoto Creative Tsuzure-ori Youkobo artspace Shigeru Yamamoto

Woodblock print Japanese paper wall lighting

  • Room 809 welcome
  • ·material:Kyoto Kurotani Washi(Kouzo Washi),Chuka,mica,Ink,Water-dried paint,glue,Funori,LED
    ·White dahlia flower language:Thank you
  • Room 810 "michiru-white"
  • ·material:Kyoto Kurotani Washi(Kouzo Washi),Chuka,mica,Ink,Water-dried paint,glue,Funori,LED
    ·Yabudemari flower language:Beautifully stack annual rings

  • Room 811 `` kakeru-black''
  • ·material:Kyoto Kurotani Washi(Kouzo Washi),Chuka,mica,Ink,Water-dried paint,glue,Funori,LED
    ·Yabudemari flower language:Beautifully stack annual rings

Woodblock print Japanese paper lamp shade

  • Hatori(Room 809 Suite Room)
  • ·material:Fukui Echizen Washi(Paper paper),Chuka,mica,Ink,Water-dried paint,glue,Funori,LED
  • Hagidori(Room 810 Suite Room)
  • ·material:Fukui Echizen Washi(Paper paper),Chuka,mica,Ink,Water-dried paint,glue,Funori,LED

Equipment passion

Please spend the most time with selected equipment

  • Nihon Bed MFG Co., Ltd. Silky Pocket Mattress

    An ultra-high density structure that incorporates 1200 pieces (single size) of pocket coils with independent springs, which is about twice the size of conventional pocket coil mattresses (compared to the manufacturer). "Silky Pocket Mattress"It is particularly superior in physical maintenance ability.This ultra-high density structure is the world's first mattress unique to Nihon Bed MFG Co., Ltd..You can support your body with a silky feel and experience a comfortable sleep.
  • Mesh chair Baron in collaboration with Giugiaro Design and Okamura Co., Ltd.

    Another feature that enhances the sitting comfort of the "Baron" series, which is symbolized by "natural sitting comfort and operability", is comfortable reclining.The unique reclining mechanism with the ankle as the fulcrum naturally follows the backward movement of the worker due to PC work.Ease of use is also taken into consideration in terms of operability.

    “TAB” stands with a simple and clear form without decoration. Aluminum die-cast shades made like mountains folded like origami draw beautiful shadows.
    The head part can be moved 180 degrees in the horizontal direction and rotated 45 degrees to the left and right with the upper knob (TAB) in the socket direction. It covers widely the place where the movable range is large to be illuminated.
    Acrylic cover installed on the front of the LED light source avoids unpleasant multi shadows and spreads soft light.
  • Dometic rooms for small refrigerator miniBar

    Achieves a large capacity with a double bottle rack in a compact body.It keeps the guest room quiet and provides a comfortable room space that does not disturb the guest's sleep.
  • SHARP humidified air purifier

    The high-concentration Plasmacluster 25000 and the W power of "filter purification" that sucks in and collects dust with a high-performance filter inactivates viruses floating in the air and cleans the dirty air in the room faster and more reliably. can.Plasmacluster ions are also effective for droplet infections that cannot be dealt with by alcohol or detergents.
  • BOSE speaker

    A speaker from BOSE of the United States, which has a good reputation for high sound quality.The company's speakers are installed on the ceilings of all guest rooms, so you can enjoy premium sound with a strong presence in your room.
    Connect to your smartphone or tablet and enjoy high quality sound in BGM.

    ※Cables for connection are rented at the front desk.(Deposit system)
  • TOTO Company shower head GG series 

    The overhead shower, which incorporates advanced water flow technology, is a shower that pours down from above, covering the whole body at once and you can enjoy a refreshing mood.The air-in shower is 35% less water-saving than the conventional shower, but you can feel a generous feeling of bathing and create a relaxing bath time.

    ※Room 809, Room 810, Room 811 Limited Specifications