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【important]La Vent Breakfast Reopening Information

Thank you for your continued patronage to our hotel restaurant, Levain.

Due to the spread of infectious diseases, we have closed breakfast and lunch.
Breakfast will be resumed from Thursday, October 8, 2020.
Lunch business will continue to be canceled for the time being.
We appreciate your understanding.

※We will inform you on this official website as soon as the lunch reopening date is decided.

  • Cafe & Dining, La Vent (2F)

    Named after the French name "le vent", which is the origin of the store's name, it is a space where you can feel the warmth of wood, valuing the image of the natural scent.

    ◆Opening Hours:From 7:00 to 10:00(LO 9:30)
    ◇How to provide:Japanese set menu
    ◆Contents:Seasonal cooking,grilled fish(Daily),Kyoto local vegetables,
    Dashimaki Tamago,Yuzu-flavored chawanmushi,Obanzai cuisine,
    Rice and miso soup (free refills), vegetable pickles,
    Drinks (coffee),Black tea,Orange juice,Matcha latte),Mini dessert

    ◇Guest:Adults 1,200 yen, children 600 yen
    ◆oneGeneral:Adults 1,380 yen, children 660 yen
    • Japanese set menu example for breakfast
      ※The menu changes depending on the purchasing situation.
    • You can enjoy it with peace of mind using fresh vegetables procured from a local fruit and vegetable wholesaler in Kyoto.
      Rhino Hotel Kyoto, we are particularly focused on selecting vegetables so that our customers can enjoy fresh vegetables.
      Healthy and colorful vegetables are extremely popular regardless of generations.
      We purchase directly from local vegetable wholesalers in Kyoto and offer it.
      Please enjoy with confidence.
    • "Passion for one grain" Excellent product purchased from Five Star Rice Meister master
      La Vent, we are passionate about rice and purchase from the Five Star Rice Meister long-established rice store "Yachidaime Gihey" in Kyoto.You can enjoy the taste of exquisite rice that makes full use of the "low temperature rice milling" technology that retains the sweetness of rice.

    • You can easily enjoy matcha latte in Kyoto
      I introduced a coffee machine developed under the influence of Italian coffee culture.
      You can enjoy not only coffee, but also Kyoto-like matcha latte, cafe latte, which is popular among women, and black tea.We will offer even deeper taste at a time after eating.

      ※Currently, there are some changes to the above provisions.
  • Lunch information(Currently, lunch business is closed)

    Lunch time: From 11:30 to 15:00 (LO14: 00)

    Lunch will be prepared by the total chefs experienced in the Western food industry, with handmade lunches offered at weekly menus.
    Please enjoy the taste of La Vent, which is different from breakfast.

    ※When we resume lunch business, we will inform you on this official website.