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  • Cafe & Dining, La Vent (2F)

    Named after the French "le vent" that is the origin of the store name,
    The cherished image of natural fragrance spreading, the interior of the store based on trees,
    It is a warm room.
    We will provide you with a blissful moment to memories of the trip of Kyoto.

    Breakfast, 7: 00 to 10: 00
    Japanese style buffet style
    1,500 yen per person(tax included)
    Guests staying 1,300 yen (tax included)

    Lunch, 11: 30 to 14: 30
    We have a chef's total lunch (980 yen tax included ~).

    In the evening we will only be accepting parties and banquets charter sales.
    For reservation, please call 075-316-3550,.
    • Japanese and Western buffet of breakfast(Western food example)
      ※The menu changes according to the season and purchase
    • Japanese and Western buffet of breakfast(Japanese food example)
      ※The menu changes according to the season and purchase
    • Fresh vegetables purchased from fruits and wholesalers in local · Kyoto.You can relax with confidence
      Rhino Hotel Kyoto's buffet breakfast, guests can enjoy fresh vegetables,
      We are putting special emphasis on screening vegetables.
      Healthy and colorful vegetables are extremely popular regardless of generations.
      We purchase fresh vegetables directly from vegetable wholesalers in local / Kyoto and we offer them at the buffet table.
      Please enjoy with confidence.
    • "Passion to one grain."A great item from the Five Star Rice Meister."
      La Vent, I am sticking and using carefully selected rice.
      Produced by rice purchased from local Five Star Rice Meister Kyoto
      Dusty texture improves appetite.
      I added a Japanese style taste with soup stock taken from Shiitake,
      It is indispensable rice also in curry of our restaurant popular menu.

    • Matcha latte in Kyoto can be enjoyed easily.
      I introduced a coffee machine developed under the influence of Italian coffee culture.
      Coffee as well as Matcha Latte like Kyoto and Women
      We also adopted a popular cafe latte.
      You can enjoy all 8 kinds including black tea.
      We will offer even deeper taste at a time after eating.
    • Please enjoy colorful fruit and gentle accent.
      Multicolored and fresh fruits,
      It is an important accent of meals.
      The balance of sweetness and acidity is exquisite and you can enjoy fresh taste.
  • Lunch information

    Lunch time: 11: 30 to 14: 30

    Lunch will be prepared by the total chefs experienced in the Western food industry, with handmade lunches offered at weekly menus.
    Enjoy the taste of La Vent, which is another bit different from breakfast.