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Fitness & Spa Rhino Year Holiday Business Notice

Fitness & Spa Rhino during the year-end and New Year holidays
We will inform you as the business days are subject to change as follows.

【Special business day】
December 30(Thursday),Tuesday, January 4th 10:00 to 21:00(Last reception 30 minutes before)

【closing day】
December 31st (Friday) -January 3rd(Monday)

【Business resumption】
Wednesday, January 5, 2022 10:00 to 23:00

We apologize for the inconvenience.
Please understand and understand in advance.
  • Fitness & Spa Rhino

    Guests can use the spa (bathroom / sauna) free of charge.
    (Once per night per person)
     ※The pool / gym area can be used at a special rate of 1,100 yen a day.
     ※Non-guests can use it for a visitor fee of 3,300 yen

      10:00(Closed on Mondays ※Open on public holidays)
      Tuesday to Friday 23:00 / Saturday, Sunday and public holidays 21:00
      (Closed on Mondays, New Year holidays, and Obon)

     ※The following people are not available.
      ·Those under 16 years old
      ·Pregnant women
      ·Those who are drunk
      ·Those with tattoos or tattoos
      ·Group of high school students
      (Cannot be used in guest room gowns and slippers)

    • Guest reward benefit, Free spa area
      • bathroom
        Relax in our spacious bathroom with two hot and cold baths.
        Shampoo, conditioner and body soap are provided in the washing area.
      • Dry sauna
        It relieves the tiredness of the day from the core of the body.
      • Shower booth
        We also have a standing shower booth.
      • Powder Room
        Equipped with a hairdryer, scale and water cooler.

      • Relaxation room
        Use it for a break after sweating in the sauna and bathroom.
        We also have a vending machine for soft drinks.
      • locker room
        Locker rooms are equipped with lockers of various sizes.
        A rental card is required to lock.It will be handed to you at the fitness front desk.
  • Fitness club paid area(Pool / gym area)

    The pool and gym on the 3rd floor of the fitness club are paid areas.
    Normally, it is a monthly membership system, but guests can use all the facilities for 1,100 yen each time.

     ※When using the pool, only sports type swimwear can enter
       (Please understand that bikini type swimwear with separate upper and lower parts is not available.)
    • Gym area
      • Gym area
        We have the latest machines from "Life Fitness" in the United States, and you can experience an exercise menu tailored to your individual wishes and health condition.
        In addition, all aerobic machines can search TV, You Tube, and the Internet.

      • Stretch area
        Various stretch machines are also installed, so you can not only improve your health, shape up and diet, but also do full-scale training!
    • Pool area
      • Swimming Pool
        We also recommend refreshing during your stay at the 20m x 4 course

        ※When using the pool, please wear a sports type swimsuit.
        (Not available for bikini type swimwear with separate upper and lower parts.Please understand.)

      • Indoor jacuzzi
        At the poolside, there is an indoor jacuzzi that wraps the whole body with small bubbles.
      • Outdoor Jacuzzi
        There is a large outdoor Jacuzzi outside the pool with a feeling of liberation.
      • Steam Sauna
        By the pool, there is a steam sauna that warms your body from the core.