Rhino hotel kyoto is
very close to many famous sightseeing spots in kyoto,for instance Arashiyama,Sagano area.

You can go to Arashiyama, Sagano area by the tramway named "Randen",it will take 20 minutes from "Sai station".
And we are also close to the downtown for instance,Kawaramachi,Karasuma,,or if you want to go to Osaka prefecture,it will take 40 minutes by Hankyu raiway.

3 minutes from "Sai station"
1 minutes from "Saiin station"
JR line
15 minutes from "Kyoto station" by taxi.
15 minutes from "Kyoto station"by train.
(you need to change your train at Shijyo-Karasuma station)
20 minutes from "Kyoto south interchange"


About parking lot

Our parking lot have some limits to park:

Height limit: under 185 centimeter
(Please confirm car height by your vehicle inspection certificate.)

Parking fee:1,500yen(15:00~next noon 12:00)

We can keep your car before checking in ,or after checking out at following extra fee:110 yen per 30 minuites.

The number of parking lot is limited
for 50,so please inform us if you want to park your car when you make a reservation.

Just in case,for instance your car's heght is over 185 centimeter,we will inform you neighboring parking area.

About parking lot

parking map