8th Floor personal history

Ancient capital of Japan, Kyoto Many people may think that it is the culturejust like a fascinating cloths, or luxurious Japanese MAKIE(蒔絵).
But, the beauty of Kyoto city is seen in the functional and modernistic space.For example, it is, the light that shines through from thousands latticework of Kyoto traditional houses, or Japanese wooden fittings like
FUSUMA(襖),SHOJI(障子).The framework of Kyoto culture is extremely rational and it has the unique fineness.
This is our hospitable space?“Modern=futuristic” and “Universal=eternal” excellent culture of Kyoto in Japan.


Architect Miki Murakawa “Kyoto’s modern design for peace of mind”

born in Yamaguchi prefecture
graduate from Kyoto Institute of Technology University
Yoshimura Ryuichi’s environmental laboratory
Murakami Miki architect office

Qualified architect of the first class Kyoto Art University lecturer



和紙-The Japanese paper It is the very important part of Japanese traditional culture. We can feel our sensibility thorough the Japanese paper. It is as if it were the skin of a human being. When the light go past through Japanese paper, and when shine our space, You will feel “peace of mind” That is, Japanese “OMOTENASHI” spirit.


Illumination artist: Nayako Murakami "花鳥風月をテーマに自然界への賛美をあかりに込めて"

born in Kanagawa prefecture
graduate from Kyoto Seika university design department
“Tsukiakari design laboratory” opened

When she noticed one light arrangement can change all atmosphere of space, She try to make “comfortable space”. 2008, she opened her “Tsukiakari design Laboratory(月あかりデザイン研究所) ” She made a variety of light,and these production is hand-made, and furthermore, Japanese Paper is attracted in her production recently.



Room 808 Wall light“MONKATA”


material : Kyoto Nishijin’s punch cards(Jacquard weaving machine)

The materials of wall light are the Nishijin’s punch cards. “MONGAMI(紋紙)” is the punch card for jacquard weaving machine.These machines are controlled by the hole position of this card, and these machines make complex design. Usually, when one Japanese Obi(帯)are made, the craftsman use several thousands punch cards. While one Japanese cloth is accomplished, there are many many processes,and these all processes need technique of mastery craftsman. But today, these jacquard weaving machine is very rare, because all things are digitalyregulated. On one occasion, we meet this “MONGAMI”? hold this card, I feel comfortable lightcoming through the hole of this punch cards. “MONGAMI” make soft shadow, butthe light is more glowing, I feel my space is broaden by this gradation.Experienced this Nishijin craftsman’s mastery, these wall light equipment are born. We are very glad?if you feel “comfortable”from these consideration made by long history, and through these jacquard punch card’s “MONKATA”

Woodblock printing wall light

Room 809 Welcome(ようこそ)


Material: Kyoto kutotani washi, sumi, clorspaints, funori,

Room 810 Michiru-white Japanese snow ball

810号室「michiru -white」

Material: Kyoto kutotani washi, sumi, clorspaints, funori,

Room 811 Kakeru-black Japanese snow ball

811号室「kakeru -black」

Material: Kyoto kutotani washi, sumi, clorspaints, funori,

LAMPS SHADE of Japanese paper

Room 808



michiru kakeru

michiru kakeru

material:Fukui echizen washi -Japanese paper-

Room 809



material:Fukui echizen washi -Japanese paper-

Room 810



material:Fukui echizen washi -Japanese paper-

Room 811



material:Fukui echizen washi -Japanese paper-

Room 812



material:Fukui echizen washi -Japanese paper-

Good facilities

With equipment that has been carefully selected , please spend a sheer moment .


NIHON BED Silky Pocket Mattress

The pocket coil that every single spring is an independent , about twice that of a conventional pocket coil mattress 1200 ( compared to our ) (single size ) incorporating ultra-high-density structure " Silky pocket" . We especially superior to physical maintenance force . The world's first mattress this ultra-high-density structure is that only Japan bed is able to deliver . Supporting the body in a silky feel , it has achieved a comfortable sleeping .


OKAMURA Mesh chair Baron

Another feature to enhance the comfort of the comfortable " Baron " series called "natural comfort and feel " , it is a comfortable reclining resistance. Own of the reclining mechanism in which the ankle to the fulcrum , also will follow naturally in the slope of the movement after the worker associated with PC operation . In terms of operability are also conscious of the exceptional ease of use .



" TAB " stand of the clear form is characterized by simple without decoration . Mountain fold to have been made from aluminum die-casting of shade will draw a beautiful shade as origami .
The head portion is 180 degrees movable in the horizontal direction , the left and right in 45 -degree rotation in the knob of the top also in the socket direction (TAB). And widely cover the location where you want the movable range is against big .
Unpleasant multi shadow by the installed acrylic cover on the front of the LED light source is avoided , you spread the soft light .



Was released worldwide bestseller in 1987 , it is a light and LED model of stylish arm Light " TOLOMEO " by Michele De Lucchi .
Equipped with 10 W LEDs of the light amount also sufficient in performing desk work while a low power consumption .
Switch is turned on and off of the lamp unit is of course dimming is also possible .


Room for a small refrigerator miniBar

Equipped with twin bottle rack in a compact body , a compact with large capacity . Protect the tranquility of the hotel rooms , we can offer comfortable accommodation space that does not disturb the sleep of the guest to be staying .


Humidified air cleaner KI-BX50

A high concentration plasma cluster 25000 spread to fill the room , breathed in by the force of the W of " filter purification " for collecting dust in a high-performance filter , you can clean the interior of the dirty air to ensure faster and more .



Please enjoy the premium sound with a high-quality music reproduction and fine-tuned a presence.



Cotton sleeper stuck to the modest comfort and soft and gentle touch .


Shower head GG-series TMGG95EC

Feelings of the awakening and relaxation good . You can enjoy the rich bus life in the evolution of the water flow of technology . Overhead shower in the shower drenched from overhead , but it is a refreshing feeling to cover the stretch the whole body . (Hand shower ) air -in shower is comfortable bathed with between plenty to be water-saving 35% than conventional shower . There was installed only in 809 in Room - 810 , Room - 811 , Room .