Staying guests at the Hotel are invited to use the pool and sports club facilities
for a fee of 1,080 yen per person per time.

Hours :
Tues. ~ Fri. 10:00 AM ~ 11:00 PM
Sat.: 10:00 AM ~ 9:00 PM
Suns & Hols 10:00 AM ~ 7:00 PM
(Entrance to the pool is closed 30 minutes before the pool facility closes)
Closed :
every Monday. May also be closed on other days for repairs & cleaning. We can rent training wear, shoes, set of towels, swimsuit, and swim cap. Please contact the staff.

fitness&spa rhino

These facilities include:

Pool (20 m/65 ft with four lanes), Indoor, jacuzzi, Outdoor Jacuzzi, Mist sauna, Dry sauna, Japanese-style bath, Fitness studio, Exercise machines, Club Lounge

Use is restricted to those 16 years of age and older.

Guests with tatoos can not use the fitness club.


Phone :
(075) 315-3550
Hours :
Morning menu 7:00 ~ 10:00 AM
Lunchtime 11:30 AM ~ 2:30 PM
Tea/Coffee/dessert 7:00 AM ~ 3:00 PM
accepted :
Credit cards accepted.
Reservations accepted.
Available for banquets and parties. Seating: 49


Breakfast (7:00 ~ 10:00 AM)

Both Japanese and Western foods are offered buffet-style. Members of the public are also welcome.

Menu includes scrambled eggs, omelette, bacon, sausage, corn flakes, a variety of breads, soup, salad, fruit, a selection of beverages; also, broiled fish, dashimaki (rolled flavored omelette) natto (a sticky fermented soybean dish), nimono (boiled, seasoned vegetables), ajitsuke nori (seasoned laver) miso soup, Japanese-style pickles, and white rice

Lunch (11:30 AM ~ 2:30 PM)

Reasonably priced menu( averaging 700 yen) changes on a daily basis. Coffee or tea is included for an additional 150 yen. Table d’hote or a la carte

Cafe (7 :00 AM ~ 8 ;00 PM)

Relax with your choice of beverages and desserts

For Parties

Starting at 4,000 yen per person, we would be delighted to prepare a party menu to suit your budget (including free beverages). We are open to many possibilities for many occasions; please feel free to consult our staff, by telephone or in person, to plan your ideal get-together.


In between checking you in and checking you out, and providing morning calls when requested, we are pleased to help you in many other ways. We can make restaurant reservations for you, advise you on traffic conditions and/or the most efficient use of public transportation to your destination. We can also recommend places to enjoy the many kinds of entertainment Kyoto has to offer. Please feel free to ask.

beginning at 3:00 PM
by 12:00 PM
Telephone Inquiries:
(075) 316-1200


Other services

  • Fax: Fee for sending, but no fee for receiving.
  • Copies: can be made for a fee.
  • Massage: 4,500 for 40 minutes (reservations accepted until 1:00 AM)
  • City Information and transportation timetables are available for free.
  • Major Japanese newspapers, and The Japan Times, may be purchased.
  • Taxi arrangements may be made.
  • Trouser pressers, irons, and humidifiers will be provided for your use at no charge.
  • Valuables can be kept by us for you;
    packages, etc.may be left with us or delivered to us for you.
  • Dry Cleaning Service: items left at the Front Desk by 10:00 AM will be returned to you by early evening the same day. On Sundays and holidays, the items will be returned by early evening the following day.


The Mos Burger shop is indeed highly recommended by its customers, who say it is “Delicious and also safe to eat!” Mos Burger focuses on the best cuts from the tasty and tender beef from the Australian island of Tasmania and the South Island of New Zealand. These animals are carefully raised, grass-fed, pastured in an area larger than a soccer field, in a free-range manner. Customers can be confident that they are getting high quality beef. Mos Burger’s vegetables come almost entirely from farms that do not use any pesticides or chemicals in their crop-raising. The buns and rolls are made of bread with a fine taste and aroma. You will understand why Mos Burger enjoys such a good reputation!

every day, 7:00 AM - 1:00 AM (last order)
Credit cards:
not accepted; cash only.
68 (tables), 7 (counter).
Takeout orders, either in person, or ahead of time by phone for pickup, are welcome.
(075) 313-4155



every day, 7:00 AM ~12:00 midnight
(075) 316-1200


Parking Fees

For the general public, 110 yen for 30 minutes.
For staying guests of the hotel, 1,000 yen for one night’s stay (between check-in and 12:00 PM the next morning).
For visitors to restaurants and shops in the hotel, discounted rates are available.

About the Parking Garage

There is space for 50 vehicles. These must, in principle, be within a height of 185 meters/6 feet, a width of 2.5 meters/8 feet, and a length of 5.75 meters/18.8 feet.
Vehicles such as low-riding vans cannot be accommodated
For inquiries, please consult the Front Desk.

TENDAN New Style Buffet Restaurant, Saiin Branch (BF)

Open every day. Hours:
Weekdays: Lunch 11:30 AM ~ 3:00 PM (last order 2:30)
Dinner 5:00 PM ~ 11:30 PM (last order 11:00)
Weekends & Holidays: 11:30 AM ~ 11:30 PM (last order 11:00)
Credit Cards accepted. Reservations accepted. Banquets and parties can be arranged.
Seating capacity:
(075) 321-4129


Greetings from our Chef

“Here in an ancient, venerated city, we offer you a uniquely modern experience in a sophisticated atmosphere. Our shop serves Yakiniku along with a selection of various Korean-style dishes for you to enjoy.
Do take the opportunity to dine with us while you are in Kyoto!”

>>Click here to visit the TENDAN New-Style Buffet home page.

Lunch Menu and Prices

90-minute buffet lunch:

A set lunch consisting of your choice of main dish plus items from the buffet spread. (Each set includes Kimchee, Korean-style pickles.)
Elementary school students receive a 200-yen discount, and can choose a beverage instead of the Kimchee.

  • A-Set Lunch (980 yen): choice of Bibimba, Coop-pa, rice and soup (egg, wakame, moyashi)
  • B-Set Lunch (1,180 yen): choice of Ishiyaka Bibimba, cold noodles, rice and soup (Chigemisoshiru, yukkejan, solrontan)
  • C-Set Lunch (1,280 yen): choice of Yukke Bibimba, rice and soup (tail or kalbi)

Dinner Menu and Prices

120-minute buffet dinner:

a set meal consisting of your choice of cuts of yakiniku meat plus items from the buffet spread.

  • A-Set Dinner: 2,894 yen (elementary school students 1,447 yen)
  • B-Set Dinner: 3,542 yen (elementary school students 1,771 yen)

For guests who have chosen the 120-minute buffet meal, the last order must be made 90 minutes after starting.
For those who have chosen the 100-minute buffet meal, the last order must be made 80 minutes after starting.


every day, 5:00 PM ~ 12:00 midnight (last order 11:30)
Credit cards accepted.
Reservations accepted.
Average-price meal:
3,000 yen
Seating capacity:
counter (12), table (84), Japanese-style tatami room (54) There are also a few small, private rooms.
(075) 323-0300


Menu and Prices

Offering traditional foods in keeping with the season, in the relaxing atmosphere reminiscent of a Japanese pub, we make it easy for you to drop in and sample the fare, particularly because of the reasonable prices.

About the restaurant

Here you find classic Kyoto ambience in a modern setting, with indirect lighting and soft jazz background music adding to the sophistication. The staff, in traditional Japanese dress, welcomes you to seats at the counter, at a table, or in a tatami-mat room (where you need not sit on your legs but can dangle your feet under the table!) Or, you can reserve one of the small rooms that accommodate from 24 to 36 people, for a private group gathering.

>>Click here to visit the KYOMACHIYA SUISHIN home page.


A one-night stay starts at 9,240 yen (including tax and service charges) for a single room 19 meters square.

>>Click here for floor plans, availability, and online reservations.

Check-in time:
beginning at 3:00 PM
Check-out time:
up to 12:00 PM
Hotel parking rate for staying guests:
1,500 yen per vehicle (3:00 PM ~ 12:00 PM)
Breakfast menu:
typical Western breakfast fare (coffee, tea, ham, eggs, etc.) is offered, as well as Japanese breakfast items, in Le Van (2F), for 1,500 yen per person.