Rhino Hotel Kyoto
Rental Conference Room

Reservations and inquiries by phone

Usage procedure


1: Contact

Please contact us by inquiry form or phone. In addition, the location of the meeting room, the arrangement of the desks, the fee system, etc. are described in the “Frequently Asked Questions”, so please read that as well.

カレンダーはストックフォト用にデザインしたオリジナルの小道具です。 1月イメージです。

2: Acceptance of reservations and applications

Please contact us by inquiry form or phone. If you fill in the necessary information in the inquiry form, we will reply to you at a later date. If you call us, we will accept reservations.


3: meeting

We will discuss the date and time of the reservation, the usage time, the number of people, the layout of the desks in the venue, the name of the venue on the day and whether you will use other facilities or not. Please note that we will set up the desks and equipment and unlock the meeting room 30minute before the usage time.


4: Payment

This conference room requires advance payment, so please make your payment at the Rhino Hotel Kyoto reception (2nd floor) before using the conference room. You can use cash or credit card.

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