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You can see Daimonzi(Okuribi)
Welcome to executives rooms
The moonlight path and the design of [WA]!?

The top floor of the hotel offers a natural panorama of Higashiyama, Kitayama, and Nishiyama peaks that surround the city of Kyoto. There are  private rooms for executives who sharpen their five senses and actively spend their lives. The simple black and white interior evokes the pure feeling of being in your own study.


Welcome to the capital of harmony ([WA]!?)

A large enso is hung in front of the elevator on the top floor. This work was created by Mr. Daiko Matsuyama, the deputy chief priest of Myoshinji Taizoin, one of Kyoto’s leading modern Zen monks.

The message Mr. Matsuyama put into this Enso is “PEACE IS THE BEST”
It means “harmony is respected” that  Prince Shotoku raised as a basic principle of the nation. Originally, the Zen enso symbolizes enlightenment and truth but its interpretation is left up to you.[WA]!? means both an “answer” and a “question”.

Architect Naohisa Akagi

First-class architect/Part-time lecturer at Kyoto University of Art and Design/Member of Kyoto Association of Architects

The ancient monk Kenko sees “impermanence” in the beautiful circle of the night sky in “Tsurezuregusa”, “Mochizuki’s madness…”. Everyone, please feel [WA]!?We always ask and respond to what is best for our customers. This enso is also a shape that symbolizes the spirit of hospitality at Rhino Hotel Kyoto.

Hallway ceiling lights
"Hagi Suito Marusan Kakushikaku"

In Kyoto, there is high-quality spring water in various places. Kyoto-like tea ceremony, food culture, and traditional crafts have developed together with water. Thinking of Kyoto, it has developed its own culture while incorporating new things. It expressed the image of Hagi which blooms cute flowers in autumn and pure water. It is said that during the Manyo period, people wrote letters on twigs of Hagi flowers. The language of flowers is a flexible spirit, thinking and positive love. Hagi, gracefully swaying in the wind with branches stretching out supplely.It will give you healing and peace in this space of Saiin, Kyoto, during your stay.

woodcut Japanese paper lampshade
Materials: Fukui Echizen Japanese paper (ball paper), chalk powder, mica, ink, water-dry paint, glue, funori, LED


Fantastic rooms wrapped by Japanese and Western art


Is your room a museum?!

An intimate private room with the works of Mr. Atsuo Sakazume, a copperplate engraving artist representing modern Japan, speak quietly. Kosei Sakazume’s manière noir (handmade black) which is described as “cutting out light and form from the darkness of velvet” emits a quiet message to the awakened modern people.


To the natural world with the theme of flowers and birds
Light up your room

Washi is indispensable in traditional Japanese culture. A single piece of Japanese paper embodies the Japanese climate and the sensibility of the craftsmen.
The Japanese paper is moist and breathable like human skin and when light is allowed to pass through it, its presence becomes even richer and softer, creating a moment of tranquility in a space of hospitality.


Welcome to a simple interior space based on "black and white"


Commitment to equipment

Have a good time with carefully selected equipment

Nihon Bed Silky Pocket Mattress

“Silky Pocket” is an ultra-high-density structure that incorporates 1200 individual pocket coils (single size) which is about twice the size of conventional pocket coil mattresses (compared to the manufacturer). It is particularly excellent in physical maintenance power. This ultra-high density structure is the world’s first mattress unique to Nippon Bed Co., Ltd. The silky feel supports your body and gives you a comfortable sleeping experience.

Giugiaro Design ×
Okamura Mesh Chair Baron

Another feature that enhances the comfort of the “Baron” series, symbolized by its “natural sitting comfort and operability,” is its comfortable reclining ability. The unique reclining mechanism with the ankle as the fulcrum naturally follows the backward movement of the worker during desk work. In terms of operability, we have taken particular care to ensure ease of use.

SHARP 4K smart TV

“4K-Master Upconvert Pro” determines the resolution and video level and performs optimal high-definition processing. Realizes high image quality with little noise while restoring the sense of detail in terrestrial digital broadcasting and Blu-ray images. If it is determined to be 4K video with high resolution, the original image is faithfully reproduced. It expresses the sense of depth and three-dimensionality unique to high-resolution content. In addition, a video distribution service application is built in, so you can enjoy Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Prime Video, etc. with your account.(*Caution – Before checking out, it is necessary to log out from the account of the application you used. The hotel is not responsible for any trouble caused by not logging out by yourself.)

Mitsubishi Electric Engineering Refrigerator

“Grand Peltier” which adopts Peltier cooling method of electronic cooling method by semiconductor. Since there is no compressor-type drive sound, you can spend a good night’s sleep without disturbing your sleep. In addition, it is an eco-friendly model that does not use freon as a refrigerant.

SHARP humidifying air purifier

<Plasma Cluster NEXT. This is the sharp air purifying power>

Plasmacluster NEXT fights against air risks with a high concentration of 50,000 or more ions per cm3, far exceeding that found in nature. Plasmacluster, which improves people’s lives, has demonstrated new effects in addition to improving air purification power by increasing ion concentration. It seems that the ion concentration is high, and the effect is also increasing.

SHARP humidifying air purifier

<Two-layered humidifying filter provides plenty of humidification and low noise>

By passing the wind twice, more water is vaporized and released. The amount of humidification has increased by approximately 9% compared to conventional models. In addition, by installing a two-layer humidifying filter, the operating noise is reduced even when humidifying on “strong” mode. We have achieved a noise level of 43dB, which is 9dB lower than before, which can be called low noise. We focus on practical usability and aim to create a more comfortable and moisturized space than ever before.

BOSE speaker

Speakers from BOSE, an American company that has a reputation for high sound quality. The company’s speakers are installed in the ceiling of all guest rooms, so you can enjoy premium sound with a strong presence in your room.
Connect to your smartphone or tablet and enjoy high-quality sound as background music.

*Connection cables are available for rent at the reception.(deposit system)

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