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  • Announcement of award

    This time, the hotel was awarded the "LOVED BY GUESTS AWARD 2021" (a popular inn of your choice), which is commended by Hotels.com ™, the world's largest hotel reservation site, for highly rated facilities.
    Hotels.com ™ guests in 2020 and scored an average of 8 or more out of a total of 10.

    We would like to express our deep gratitude to all the guests who posted reviews about our hotel and gave them high marks.We will continue to devote ourselves every day so that you can patronize us as a "hotel you want to stay again".

    I would like to humbly thank you.

Information video(Tourist information / access, etc.)

  • Access from Hankyu

    We will guide you to the hotel from the west ticket gate of "Saiin Station Hankyu
    1 minute walk from the station!
    It is very convenient for both tourists and business travelers.
  • Autumn leaves season sightseeing course(Higashiyama)

    The autumn leaves season is coming soon!
    The direction of Higashiyama, which can be reached in about 20 minutes on foot from the Hankyu Train Saiin Station closest to the hotel.
    There are many tourist spots scattered around, and there are many spots with beautiful autumn colors.
    Kiyomizu Temple, why don't you go out to look for autumn in Kyoto by referring to this video of sightseeing spots along the way.

  • Visit the artist of the guest room painting on the 8th floor

    The hotel supports local artists, and all rooms on the executive floor are decorated with prints by artists active in Kyoto.
    We visited the studio of Joel Karhu, a writer of guest room paintings on the 8th floor, and talked about the process of making woodblock prints.Karhu was born in Japan, the son of Klifton Karhu, an American printmaker who loved Japan.With a unique background, he is also a talented artist who was selected for the CWAJ Contemporary Print Exhibition in 2020.
    Please take a look at the atelier where the paintings in the room were made.

Information on Spa

  • Fitness & Spa Rhino

    Guests can use the spa (bathroom / sauna) free of charge.
    (Once per night per person)
     ※The pool / gym area can be used at a special rate of 1,100 yen a day.
     ※Non-guests can use it for a visitor fee of 3,300 yen

      10:00(Closed on Mondays ※Open on public holidays)
      Tuesday to Friday 23:00 / Saturday, Sunday and public holidays 21:00
      (Closed on Mondays, New Year holidays, and Obon)

     ※The following people are not available.
      ·Those under 16 years old
      ·Pregnant women
      ·Those who are drunk
      ·Those with tattoos or tattoos
      ·Group of high school students
      (Cannot be used in guest room gowns and slippers)

  • Fitness club paid area(Pool / gym area)

    The pool and gym on the 3rd floor of the fitness club are paid areas.
    Normally, it is a monthly membership system, but guests can use all the facilities for 1,100 yen each time.

     ※When using the pool, only sports type swimwear can enter
       (Please understand that bikini type swimwear with separate upper and lower parts is not available.)
Fitness & Spa Rhino


Google Map

Hotel Name

Rhino Hotel Kyoto


17 Saiin Sanzo Town, Ukyo Ward, Kyoto City

Telephone number



About 15 minutes by bus from Kyoto Station
1-minute walk from the West Gate of Hankyu Train Kyoto Line Saiin Station
About 20 minutes by car from Meishin Kyoto-minami IC
Go to the traffic access page

About Rhino Hotel Kyoto

  • Please spend the moment of bliss with everyone.

    All rooms have a space of 20 m2 or more,
    Equipped with a full-scale office chair and a spacious desk,
    You can use it for various purposes such as business and sightseeing.
    To make everyone relaxed and relaxed,
    Coordinated in soft colors with the theme of comfort.

    Adopt a large size bed with more room.
    Forget your daily routine and spend a relaxing and blissful time.

Overnight Stay Plan

  • Recommended for bases with no meal, sightseeing in Kyoto!

    Welcome to Reno Hotel Kyoto "Excellent Floor"
    In a calm atmosphere based on neutral color
    Good bed, furniture, appliances...
    To all of you, the ultimate moment of Kyoto, where everything is passionate
  • Breakfast Included Plan

    Start your day with a delicious breakfast.
    We have a Japanese set menu at Cafe & Restaurant "La Vent" on the 2nd floor.

    ※The photograph is an image.
  • plan with ladies'amenities

    plan with "amenities only for female guests" selected by female staff one by one.
    The content has been significantly renewed since May 2021, and we only recommend it.
    (※The quantity of amenities the photo is not for one night.)

    ◆Contents of ladies'amenities◆
    ·"Sweets maison" bath salts
    ・ Herbal Relax Sheet
    ·Snow Skin Travel Size Skin Care Set
    ・ Cotton set

Accommodation plan executive

  • Executive 8, high-quality peace of mind

    Enjoy the modern design of Kyoto
    Rhino Hotel Kyoto's 8th floor "Executive Floor 8"
    Please enjoy the peace and hospitality.

    It is a hospitality space that incorporates the world-famous Japanese design of Kyoto.

    【13 o'clock Check out benefits included】
  • Executive 9, The Top Floor, Extreme moments

    Welcome to a solid indoor space based on "white and black"

    We will guide you to the 9th floor Executive floor on the top floor.
    For everyone, the ultimate moment in a space that combines the facilities of passion.

    【13 o'clock Check out benefits included】

About accepting school excursions

  • Rhino Hotel Kyoto is well-located for Rhino Hotel Kyoto access to major tourist destinations and can book school trips.

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