Kyoto Saiin, Welcome to Rhino Hotel Kyoto

【Official】Rhino Hotel Kyoto

Tourist information from the hotel (Video)

  • Model course(Arashiyama direction direction)Movie playback

    Rhino Hotel Kyoto, within easy reach of the station of Hankyu Kyoto Line and the Randen, it is located in a very convenient Saiin the city's tourism Kyoto.
    This time, we will introduce the sightseeing course to the Arashiyama area using Randen from the hotel based on the video.
    Why do not you refer and actually try out for a walk?

  • Model course(Higashiyama direction)Movie playback

    This time we will go sightseeing to Higashiyama using Hankyu Train at the time of autumn leaves.
    From Hankyu Saiin Station is 1 minute on foot from the hotel, we go to Kawaramachi station at 3 stations, from there walking is on foot.
    Higashiyama there are many places where sightseeing spots are not fully introduced, so how about going out sightseeing for a day relaxing?

Tourist information from the hotel 2 (Video)

  • Model course(Sakura Hen)Movie playback

    The time period of the cherry tree, using the Randen will go to tourism cherry Tour.
    Take a train from Arashiden Saiin Station, a 3-minute walk from the hotel, and a course to the Sakura Tunnel, Ninnaji Temple, Myoshinji Temple Dezoin, and Hirano Shrine.
    There are many other famous places of cherry blossoms, and there are many places that can not be fully introduced, so why not take a day to relax and go sightseeing?


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Hotel Name

Rhino Hotel Kyoto


17 Saiin Sanzo Town, Ukyo Ward, Kyoto City

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About 15 minutes by city bus from Kyoto station! , Or 1 minute walk from Hankyu Train Kyoto Line"Saiin Station"!
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Fitness club

  • Fitness & Spa Rhino

    Please sweat with a comfortable spa zone and relax relaxing mind in the relaxation room.
    Guests of the hotel can use the spa (bathroom / sauna) free of charge.(1 person per time per night)

    A pool / machine area can be used at a special rate of 1,080 yen once.

    10:00 (Closed: Monday ※ Open for public holidays)
    Tuesday - Friday 23:00 / Saturday·Sunday·Holidays 21: 00
    (Year-end and New Year holidays and the Bon Festival are closed)

    The following people can not use according to the regulations of fitness club.
    【Applicable for both paid area and free area】

    ※Those under 16 years old
    ※Pregnant women
    ※Those who can be drunk
    ※Those who are tattoos · tattooed
    ※Group of high school students
  • Fitness club, Paid area(Pool machine area)

    On the third floor of the fitness club, the pool area and the machine area are
    It is a pay area.

    Usually it is a monthly membership system,
    Guests of the hotel can use all facilities at 1,080 yen once special once!

Fitness & Spa Rhino

About Rhino Hotel Kyoto

  • Please spend the moment of bliss with everyone.

    Breadth of space, and soft color.Everything is coordinated with the theme of peace.Good daylighting from a large window.

    All beds use large sized size.Delicate service for relaxing.Please spend a fine time you had never had before.

Overnight Stay Plan

  • Recommended for bases with no meal, sightseeing in Kyoto!

    Welcome to Rhino Hotel Kyoto, "Excellent Floor"
    In a calm atmosphere based on gray
    Good quality beds, furniture, electric appliances ...
    To everyone in Kyoto where everything was held in secret for everyone
  • Japanese-style buffet, Breakfast Included Plan

    The start of the day is from a delicious Japanese-style buffet☆
    For breakfast, we have a Japanese-style buffet at the second floor restaurant "La Vent".

    ~From the Western-style buffet one day~
  • new·plan with women's toiletries

    In March 2017, amenity content was updated.
    Female staff of Rhino Hotel Kyoto carefully selected,
    It is plan with "female limited amenity".
    Rhino Hotel Recommended amenities included!

Accommodation plan executive

  • Executive 8, high-quality peace of mind

    Please enjoy the modern design of Kyoto for a moment of peace and hospitality.
    "Executive Floor 8" which is the 8th floor of Rhino Hotel Kyoto

    To the space of hospitality of the design of Kyoto, Japan's pride of the world.

    【13 o'clock Check out benefits included】
  • Executive 9, The Top Floor, Extreme moments

    Welcome to a solid indoor space based on "white and black"

    We will guide you to the 9th floor Executive Floor located on the top floor
    Everyone has the moment when everything combines the facilities of passion.

    【13 o'clock Check out benefits included】

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Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.