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Executive floor 8


Modern design of Kyoto for a moment of comfortability and hospitality

When you think of the ancient capital of Kyoto, many people may imagine a culture that resembles gorgeous woven fabrics and luxurious lacquer work. However, the beauty of the townscape of Kyoto is revealed in a space that is functional and more suitable to be called modern. The framework of Kyoto, which is also familiar with modern design, is extremely rational and has a unique spatial beauty. Transcending modern = modernity, universal = universal, Japan’s world-class Kyoto design into a space of hospitality.

Architect Miki Murakawa

First-class architect/Part-time lecturer at Kyoto University of Art and Design/Member of Kyoto Association of Architects

For example, the light that leaks from the 1,000 grids of the regularly arranged townscape, and the shadows of fittings and pillars that create a light rhythm. The framework of Kyoto which is also familiar with modern design. It is extremely rational and has a unique spatial beauty. Transcending modern = modernity, universal = universal, Japan’s world-class design of Kyoto into a space of hospitality.


Your room looks like museum?!

All rooms on the executive floor are decorated by prints by Kyoto-based artists. Mr. Joel Karhu, the artist of the 8th floor room painting, was born in Japan and he is son of Mr. Klifton Karhu, an American printmaker who loved Japan.
Karhu’s woodblock prints are made of hand-made washi paper from Fukui Prefecture, with pigments and bright dyes made in Kyoto. In addition, the traditional Ukiyo-e technique is used to create a nostalgic atmosphere. The paintings on the 8th floor are mainly selected for depicting popular areas such as Gion. Feel the warmth of a hand-printed work that will relieve  the stress of your trip.

Mr Joe Calf



To the natural world with the theme of flowers and birds.

Washi is necessary in traditional Japanese culture. A single piece of Japanese paper embodies the Japanese climate and the sensibility of the craftsmen. The Japanese paper is moist and breathable like human skin and when light is allowed to pass through it, its presence becomes even richer and softer, creating a moment of tranquility in a space of hospitality.

Lighting artist Nayako Murakami

Part-time lecturer at Kyoto University of Art and Design, head of Tsukiakari Design Laboratory

Since 2001, I have been creating space production and objects using light with the theme of “creating a comfortable space”. I realized that the atmosphere of the space can be completely changed with just one light production. In 2008, he opened “Tsukiakari Design Laboratory” in Ajiki Alley in Higashiyama, Kyoto. He works on custom-made lighting using various materials and he has been focusing on lighting using washi paper with original designs printed on woodblock.

The material of the wall lighting work in room 808 is Nishijin-ori crest paper which is representative of Kyoto textiles. Monshi is a punch card used in a jacquard loom. A loom is controlled by the position of the holes and complicated patterns are woven. It is not uncommon for tens of thousands of copies to be produced for more precise and elaborate designs. There are a dizzying number of processes to complete one textile, and each of them requires skilled craftsmanship. However, today, with digitalization progressing in all fields, looms that use crests have become extremely rare. I came across this paper pattern by chance. When I held it over my hand, I felt very comfortable with the light leaking through the holes that changed subtly while maintaining rhythmic order. The crest itself becomes a gentle shadow and snuggles up to the light, expanding the space with more depth. As I touched the heart of the craftsmanship nurtured in Nishijin, my thoughts grew and developed into this kind of lighting. It would be my great pleasure if this material which has accumulated the climate and history of this land that can provide a place of tranquility for the evening of your travels.


Commitment to equipment

Have a good time with carefully selected equipment

Nihon Bed Silky Pocket Mattress

“Silky Pocket” is an ultra-high-density structure that incorporates 1200 individual pocket coils (single size) which is about twice the size of conventional pocket coil mattresses (compared to the manufacturer). It is particularly excellent in physical maintenance power. This ultra-high density structure is the world’s first mattress unique to Nippon Bed Co., Ltd. The silky feel supports your body and gives you a comfortable sleeping experience.

Giugiaro Design ×
Okamura Mesh Chair Baron

Another feature that enhances the comfort of the “Baron” series, symbolized by its “natural sitting comfort and operability,” is its comfortable reclining ability. The unique reclining mechanism with the ankle as the fulcrum naturally follows the backward movement of the worker during desk work. In terms of operability, we have taken particular care to ensure ease of use.


“TAB” is a stand that features a simple and clear form without decoration. The aluminum die-cast shade which is folded like origami, creates beautiful shadows.
The head part can be moved horizontally 180 degrees, and can be rotated 45 degrees left and right with the upper knob (TAB) in the direction of the socket. Wide range of motion covers a wide area where you want to illuminate.
The acrylic cover installed in front of the LED light source avoids unpleasant multi-shadows and spreads a soft light.

Dometic small refrigerator miniBar for guest rooms

The compact body is equipped with two bottle racks to achieve a large capacity. We provide a comfortable guest room space that protects the silence of the guest room and does not disturb sleeping.

SHARP humidifying air purifier

<Plasma Cluster NEXT. This is Sharp’s highest level of air purification power>

Plasmacluster NEXT tackles air risks with a high concentration of over 50,000 ions per cm³, far exceeding that found in nature. Plasmacluster, which makes people’s lives more comfortable, has demonstrated new effects in addition to improving air purification power by increasing ion concentration. The higher the ion concentration, the more effective it is.

SHARP humidifying air purifier

<Two-layered humidifying filter provides plenty of humidification and low noise>

By passing the wind twice, more water is vaporized and released. The amount of humidification has increased by approximately 9% compared to conventional models. In addition, by installing a two-layer humidifying filter, the operating noise is reduced even when humidifying on “strong” mode. We have achieved a noise level of 43dB, which is 9dB lower than before, which can be called low noise. We focus on practical usability and aim to create a more comfortable and moisturized space than ever before.

BOSE speaker

Speakers from BOSE, an American company that has a reputation for high sound quality. The company’s speakers are installed in the ceiling of all guest rooms, so you can enjoy premium sound with a strong presence in your room.
Connect to your smartphone or tablet and enjoy high-quality sound as background music.

*Connection cables are available for rent at the reception.(deposit system)

TOTO shower head GG series

The overhead shower which incorporates advanced water flow technology, pours down from above, covering your entire body at once and giving you a refreshing feeling. The air-in shower saves 35% of water compared to conventional showers, yet gives you a comfortable and relaxing bath time.

*Rooms 809, 810, and 811 only

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